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Korean painting

You learn the basics about oriental philosophy & story with traditional Korean paintings (English spoken course)

In this unique course, you can improve your concentration in the age of scrolling with full of distractions at the same time. Open your eyes to the different cultures and painting skills. This course includes meditation practice and Korean calligraphy


Language of instruction: English.

It's possible to join this course at a later moment. The price will be adjusted to the number of lessons.

Tarief < 21 jaar
3 termijnen á € 60,94
Of eenmalig € 177,50

> 21 jaar
3 termijnen á € 73,64
Of eenmalig € 214,50
Cursus Korean painting RK10893-02
Datum 3 feb 2023 t/m 26 mei 2023
Dag vrijdag
Tijd 16:00:00 t/m 18:00:00uur
  • Hoofddorp Pier K , Raadhuisplein 9, 2132 TZ Hoofddorp
Aantal lessen 12
Leeftijd 18 t/m 99 jaar
Discipline Beeldende Kunst, Tekenen & schilderen
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