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Muziek op schoot in English

During our lessons we sing a variety of songs, traditional as well as new ones. These songs can be sung at home at any time during the day, for instance when getting dressed, travelling in the car, taking a walk or going to bed.

During the lessons we will repeat these songs frequently, so that parents and children can become familiar with them.

You will receive photocopies of all the songs. It is not necessary to have any musical skills.

The course Muziek op schoot is full of movement, like dancing and walking to the music. Different musical instruments such as tambourines, maracas, rhythm sticks and rainmakers will be used.
In addition we’ll be using a large variety of toys, for instance balls, wooden blocks, bath ducks and cuddly animals.

The children will be stimulated in many ways not only musically, but also in speech development, social interaction, concentration and self-confidence. Coördination can be stimulated through song, making music and movement. Most of all it will be a lot of fun for both child and parent/carer!

At the end of each Muziek op schoot lesson there is time for drinking a cup of coffee or tea together and there is apple juice for the children.

Joining one of our courses at Pier k can be a very positive way of introducing yourself and your child to the Dutch language. It will also be a nice opportunity to meet other parents and children.

The teachers are very capable of translating instructions and such like into English and making you feel at home.

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